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The perfect space you didn’t know you needed but now want. Introducing…The Blush Mobile! The little trailer everyone is talking about and it was perfectly designed just for YOU and your Wedding Day! Our adorable mobile is the perfect getting ready location for you and your squad without making a mess in the space you plan to take photos in! Photographers love it, venues love it and we know you will not only be obsessed with it, but you’ll be so happy to have the extra space! 



  • completely private! Away from all the wedding day hustle, you can actually relax while we get you ready! 

  • Full AC - no one wants to be sweating babe! 

  • Amazing lighting!! No ring lights needed with the gorgeous magic of pure natural light! 

  • Picture perfect! - snap away!! The trailer is decorated for those perfect “before the wedding”social media posts 

  • We have a full generator - we can literally do full H&M in the middle of the dessert if needed! 

  • No mess for you! - leave it to us to set up and tear down - keep your hanging out area neat and tidy and ready for your photographer - guarantee they’ll love that! 

  • Bluetooth speaker for you to play that wedding day playlist I know you’ve been working on all year! 

  • Gorgeous French doors with a walk up ramp for easy entry.


What does it include?

Don’t worry you don’t have to worry about a thing! We’ve got it all covered down to delivery and pick up of the trailer.

  • drop off and pick up 

  • Set up of trailer including generator set up if outlet is not available.

  • Patio outside complete with rug, table and 2 chairs 

  • Pink cooler for you to put any drinks you’d like.

  • Bluetooth speaker to pay your wedding day playlist 


How to book it?

Rentals are based on a first come basis. Please contact us for more information.

  • $1,000 rental from beginning of H&M to finish time of H&M.

  • Once booked, rental is non refundable. 

What does your venue/ location need to know? 

  • Mobile is insured 

  • Flat area is needed for set up 

  • Outlet is preferred but not needed as the trailer has a full working generator

  • Mobile is the size of a large SUV, it would fit in a single parking space but two are preferred for ramp access 

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