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Meet the Team

Fun Fact:

We take our job very seriously! In fact, did you know that Blush is not only a team made up of professionally trained bridal hair and makeup artists but we are also a team who ONLY does weddings. We each do this full time. This also means that we don’t out source our artists, so you’ll never have someone who is a randomly hired to help on a wedding, assistant a lead or use an associate from a makeup counter (ie: MAC/ Sephora ect.). All of our artists ONLY work for Blush. We have been in business since 2008 and since then have earned a high reputation in the industry amount some of todays top vendors who know they can rely on our professionalism, prompt and reliable timelines, and quick email response times. We believe in this industry it’s so much more than just providing the service, it’s about exceeding expectations of both our Brides and their vendors.

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